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Commercial Goods Lifts

Take the leg-work out of your business with a tailor-made goods lift to suit your specific needs.

In no time at all, you could be the proud owner of a goods/service lift that is working between up to 12 floors and saving both time and effort for your staff.

Ideal for busy restaurants, libraries, nursing homes, laundries, stately homes, hotels and other service-based environments – this modern, free-standing lift is the equivalent of a member of staff that never complains, pulls a ‘sickie’ or expects a wage rise!


  • Up to 2000kg
  • Only 1-2 days installation
  • Stainless steel or enamel finish
  • Single phase / three phase
  • Up to 3-way entry on each floor
  • Can serve up to 12 floors
  • No motor-room required
  • Self-standing structure